CEO Message

Muzzammil Rauf Chappal
CEO, Chappal Group

Chappal Group, headquartered in Karachi, takes pride in being a leading commodity exporter and a venerable indenting firm. Our primary objective is to efficiently coordinate and manage the liaison between importers and exporters, ensuring a seamless and mutually beneficial trade experience.

In our pursuit of excellence, Chappal Group specializes in the export of a diverse range of commodities, including rice, wheat, pulses, and more. We understand the critical role these staples play in global trade, and we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products and indenting services that meet and exceed industry standards.

Our team is committed to ensuring that your experience with Chappal Group is marked by reliability, transparency, and efficiency. Whether you are seeking top-grade Basmati rice, premium quality wheat, or a variety of pulses, we have curated our offerings to cater to your specific needs.

At Chappal Group, we recognize the importance of a robust supply chain in delivering on our promises. Leveraging our strategic location in Karachi, we have established a network that allows us to source the finest commodities and deliver them to your doorstep in a timely manner.

Customers’ satisfaction is our priority, and we value the trust you have placed in Chappal Group. You can trust Chappal Group by choosing it as your partner in the world of commodities.




Core Functions

Our primary focus is to efficiently coordinate and manage liaison between importers and exporters, specializing in commodities such as Rice, Pulses, Corn, and Spices. Chappal Group takes pride in its role as a leading exporter of Rice and Corn, leveraging years of experience to provide quality services to clients globally.

International Indenting Business

With an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Chappal Group has expanded into the international indenting business. Our mission is to facilitate buyers and exporters with quality work at a minimal margin, ensuring timely and productive delivery.

Second Generation Leadership

The continuity of Chappal Group into the second generation of the Chappal Family signifies a commitment to upholding the values and standards set by its founder. The transition to the new leadership brings a blend of traditional wisdom and contemporary business acumen, ensuring the business's adaptability and continued success in a dynamic market. The group can manage all types of supplies and in the past actively engaged in providing emergency food and relief supplies to both National and International Food Aid Organizations. This benevolent outreach is facilitated by the strong contacts the group maintains with government entities and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) on both the national and international fronts.

Years of Experience
Export more than 30 countries
Staff members
Over 500 happy customers