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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a Leading Exporter of Basmati & Non- Basmati Rice, Corn, Wheat, Wheat Flour, Spices, Honey, Sugar, Fresh Vegetables, Dry Fruit, Herbals, Crude Drugs, Fresh Dates, Wheat Bran, Rice Husk, Wheat Straw and other Foods / Animal Feed items, we are based in Pakistan. Our Company established since 1967.

We are established company, having experience of more than 4 decade working nationally with sound financial capability. We are export the best mail order brides oriented and prepare best quality rice. We believe in achieving the high quality of the product and customer satisfaction through efficient management, effective workmanship and strict quality controls.

We are always expanding our market and improving our work process to meet the highest customer satisfaction with our company and Chappal Group has been adding new products each year and export Agricultural and Feed by product to Worldwide. Chappal Group also operates as a supplier of emergency supplies of National and International Food aid and other relief Items to organizations. Our Company have good contract on National and International levels with Government Organizations and Non Government Organizations (NGO).

Chappal Group always service in accordance with the principles of customer satisfaction because our company main policy that always speak truth and real picture shown to our buyer and no compromise with quality that the reason a company constantly growing and increasing Its International and Local trade.


Founded in 1967 by the late Abdul Rauf Chappal, Chappal Group is a venerable indenting firm in Pakistan, now successfully managed by the second generation of the Chappal Family. With a legacy spanning over decades, the firm has evolved into a prominent player with a robust global network, establishing valuable connections with leading commodity suppliers worldwide.

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Dedicated and Experienced Team

At the heart of Chappal Group is a dedicated and highly experienced team proficient in managing clients’ requirements with utmost professionalism. Our team is driven by a broad vision, placing a strong emphasis on cultivating lasting relationships with both buyers and sellers.

Communication Expertise

Strong communication channels are a cornerstone of our operations, facilitating seamless interactions between all parties involved.

Technical Background: Backed by technical expertise, our team is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the commodities market, providing comprehensive solutions to our clients.

Global Network

Chappal Group has strategically developed a global network, fostering enduring relationships with leading commodity suppliers. This extensive network not only strengthens the firm’s position in the market but also ensures a diverse and reliable source of quality commodities for clients

Key Skills

Reliability and Competence: Our team have knowledge of competent and reliable sources, ensuring the procurement of top-quality products for our clients.

Service Areas

Chappal Group specializes in commodities such as Rice, Wheat, Pulses, and Spices. With a global reach, we pride ourselves on delivering the best quality products from reliable sources to meet the unique requirements of our clients.


Chappal Group has earned a high standing within the country and on the global stage. Our commitment to excellence, integrity, and quality has garnered trust among clients and stakeholders alike.

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